Awards Supporting Study and Research

We offer a number of awards to support study or research in Jewish studies at the UW, at institutions in the U.S. with educational programs not available on this campus, and abroad. Within this category, we also offer awards making it possible for students to present research papers at academic conferences.

We are pleased to announce our fall competition for awards supporting study and research in Jewish Studies. The deadline is Friday, November 19, at 5:00 p.m. (Central Time).

  • To apply for a study or research award, please download the Study/Research Application Form and submit it to the Scholarship Committee at with the required documentation.
  • While the UW has no longer suspended all university-sponsored travel, travel remains restricted and may require approval by the University. When applying, please consider whether or not your travel will be allowed under the current travel restrictions and/or whether or not you will need to seek approval from the University. While you do not need to have pre-approval for travel before you apply for a scholarship, bear in mind that our funds cannot be used for travel that does not follow the current University guidelines.

If you are a graduate student whose work concerns the role that education has played in Jewish civilization and/or questions pertaining to education in Jewish studies, please also consider applying for our Laurence A. Weinstein Distinguished Graduate Fellowship.

For more information about the application process, please e-mail

Potential impact on financial aid

Please note that receiving an award may affect your financial aid package. To learn more, contact the UW-Madison Office of Financial Aid at