For Prospective Students

What Is Jewish Studies?

Jewish Studies is a vibrant, interdisciplinary program that allows you to explore Jewish civilization from a variety of perspectives. While learning how Jews have lived, survived, and at times flourished, you will gain a deeper comprehension of their rich, varied culture and the world they inhabit.

What Can I Do with a Major or Certificate in Jewish Studies?

Courses in Jewish Studies will help you to develop the research, writing, and presentation skills that employers value. Building on that foundation, you may go on to pursue a variety of career paths, including education, library and information sciences, finance and international trade, journalism and mass media, social work, and the nonprofit sector. Our graduates are also well prepared to apply for law school, graduate school, or rabbinical school.

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The Benefits of a Small Program at a Large University

We welcome all students, regardless of background or prior study. Most of our classes are small, offering individualized attention from faculty and opportunities to get to know your fellow students. And with the help of generous scholarships to support coursework at other institutions in the U.S. and abroad, you can expand your horizons while advancing your studies.


To discuss course selections, majors and certificates, study abroad opportunities, and scholarships, contact Associate Director Gwen Walker at


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Due to the historical and geographical scope of the Jewish experience, many of our courses fulfil the University’s General Ed requirements: (Humanities/Literature/Arts or Social Sciences Breadth, Communication, Ethnic Studies).


If you have prior experience in Hebrew, contact Hebrew lecturer Judith Sone,, to determine the appropriate level for you. You can read more about our offerings in Hebrew here.

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