Lecture Archive

The Inaugural Darren M. Latimer Series on Jews and Sports with Dan Grunfeld

“By the Grace of the Game: The World’s Only Journey from Auschwitz to the NBA”
October 20, 2022


Book Talk with Prof. Magda Teter (Fordham University)

“Blood Libel: On the Trail of an Antisemitic Myth”
February 8, 2022
Made possible by the Wiseman Fund

Guest Lecture with Rabbi Matthew Kaufman, PhD (Congregation Kehillat Israel)

“Science and Secularization in a Jewish Key”

November 16, 2021

Lecture in Honor of Rachel Feldhay Brenner z"l

Shoshana Ronen (University of Warsaw) on “Post-Holocaust Hebrew and Polish Poetry”

November 9, 2021

The 2021 Stanley Kutler Lectures in American Jewish Studies with Laura A. Leibman (Reed College)

“Women’s Things:
The Art of the Jewish Family”

October 18, 2021

“Rethinking Jews and Race:
A Multiracial Jewish Family in Early America”

October 19, 2021

Book Talk with Dr. Bernice Lerner

Dr. Bernice Lerner, in conversation with Professor Francine Hirsch, presents her newest book in a talk entitled, “Weaving Disparate Narratives: Behind the Scenes of Bergen-Belsen’s Liberation.”
You can read more about her book, All the Horrors of War, here.

April 29, 2021

"Reading 'Shpinoza': A Heretic in Yiddish and Hebrew" (March 18, 2021)

Warren Zev Harvey (Hebrew University, Jerusalem)

“Jacob Klatzin:
Spinoza’s Heretical Hebrew Translator”

Daniel Schwartz (George Washington University)

“Should the Excommunication of Spinoza Be Lifted? Hebrew and Yiddish Perspectives, 1927-1956″

Allan Nadler (Drew University, emeritus)

“Jacob Shatsky: Spinoza’s Heretical Yiddish Propagator”

Keren Mock (Sciences Po Paris/University of Paris)

“A Reading of the Last Sentence of the Ethics:
From Spinoza to Scholem”

Annette Aronowicz (Franklin & Marshall College, emerita)

“A Jewish Communist Caught Between Loyalty and Betrayal: Spinoza in the Cold War Context”

The 2021 Paul J. Schrag Lecture with James Q. Whitman (Yale)

“The American Influence on Nazi Race Law: Assessing U.S. Responsibility”

February 11, 2021

Reading and Q&A with Francine Hirsch

Professor Francine Hirsch, in conversation with Tony Michels, presents her newest book, “Soviet Judgment at Nuremberg: A New History of the International Military Tribunal after World War II.”

October 12, 2020

2020 Tobias Lectures with Moshe Halbertal (NYU & Hebrew University)

“The Biblical Book of Samuel and the Birth of Politics: Two Faces of Political Violence”
 Oct. 7, 2020

“Is a Jewish Democratic State Possible?”

Oct. 8, 2020

2019 Greenfield Summer Institute – Selected Lectures

Jonathan Z. S. Pollack (MATC and UW-Madison)

“Jewish Philanthropy at UW-Madison”

Jordan Rosenblum (UW-Madison)

“Business, Labor, and Social Justice in the Talmud”

Skye Doney (UW-Madison)

“The Mosse Family and German Jewish Philanthropy”

Marina Zilbergerts (UW-Madison)

“The Philanthropic Legacy of Moses Montefiore”

Tony Michels (UW-Madison)

“American Jews in the Shmateh Trade”

2017 Greenfield Summer Institute – Selected Lectures

Sunny Yudkoff (UW-Madison)
Audio recording

“Sick Jewish Writers: The Art and Science of Writing with Tuberculosis”

Jordan Ellenberg (UW-Madison)
Audio recording

“The Strange and Mathematically Troubling Story of the Torah Codes”

Selected Lectures, Academic Year 2016-17

Steven Zipperstein (Stanford)
Audio recording

“Pogrom: Kishinev and the tilt of history”
A lecture given as the 1026 Tobias Lecture

Roger Horowitz (Univ. of Delaware)
Audio recording

“Is Kosher a brand? Ruminations on the intersections of Jewish Law and the Secular Marketplace”).
A lecture given as the 2017 Kutler Lectures

Alisa Solomon (Columbia)
Audio recording

“From Folkshrayber to Broadway and Back: How Fiddler Became Folklore”
A lecture given at the Sholem Aleichem Conference (November 12-13, 2017)

2015 Greenfield Summer Institute - Selected Lectures

Eitan Kensky (Stanford)

“A Tale of Two Meyers: Notes on the Jew-Villain in America”

Nora Rubel (University of Rochester)

“Recipes for the Melting Pot: Reading The Settlement Cook Book”

Steve Stern (Skidmore College)

“Creative Amnesia, or the Persistence of Magic: On the Relationship Between Literature and Folklore in the Jewish Context”

Steven Nadler

“How to Read the Bible: Maimonides vs. Spinoza”