Major in Jewish Studies

Requirements for the Major
To view the requirements for a Jewish Studies major, see the UW-Madison Guide.

Can I do a double major?
Absolutely. Since Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary field, many students in our program also choose majors or certificates in other departments, including Art, Education, Geography, History, Music, Political Science, Religious Studies, and Sociology. Given the broad geographical reach of Jewish civilization, Jewish Studies also pairs well with programs such as African Studies, Classical and Near Eastern Studies, European Studies, German/Nordic/Slavic Studies, International Studies, and Middle Eastern Studies. And for students in pre-business, pre-law, and STEM fields, a major or certificate in Jewish Studies provides a fascinating lens into the humanities and social sciences.

Is it possible to switch between a Jewish Studies major and certificate?
Yes. There is considerable overlap in the requirements between the two programs, so make an appointment with the undergraduate advisor if you wish to make the switch.