Sunny Yudkoff

Position title: Associate Professor of Yiddish Studies, Jewish Studies, and German, Nordic, & Slavic+


Harvard University, Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations (2015)
Oxford University, MSt. in Jewish Studies (2007)

Research Areas: Yiddish and Hebrew literature; Jewish American literature and culture; medical humanities; multilingual modernisms, visual culture

Pronouns: she/her/hers

About: Sunny Yudkoff joined the Center for Jewish Studies and the Department of German, Nordic, & Slavic+ Studies in the fall of 2016. Previously, she taught at the University of Chicago. Her research and teaching focuses on Jewish literary production from the mid-nineteenth to twenty-first centuries.  Her first book, Tubercular Capital: Illness and the Conditions of Modern Jewish Writing, was published with Stanford University Press (2019). Her work has appeared in Prooftexts, Jewish Social StudiesComparative LiteratureLiterature and Medicine, and elsewhere. She is currently at work on her second monograph, Against Jewish Humor: Toward a Theory of Yiddish Joy.

List of publications