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New Volume Coming Soon!

The Editorial Board is proud to announce that Volume III of Avukah will soon be published! A few years ago, Avukah was only an idea, but now—in its fourth year—the board has collaborated in the publication of two journals (with a third coming soon!) and a podcast, featuring a large variety of works.


“Avukah” is the Hebrew word for “torch.” We find this term fitting, given our journal’s mission: to bring light to those topics—historical, religious, political, social, or cultural—related to Judaism, Jews, and Jewishness. Throughout the peer review process, our board committed itself to ensuring that this publication would illuminate the rich diversity of Jewish life in academia. We hope that future editions of Avukah will continue this tradition.

Lily Gray

Deputy Editors-in-Chief:
Gaby Vinick
Rachel Rosen

Editorial Board:
Emma Gottsegen
Jess Posnock
Lilly Zoller
Liv Pearl
Liz Shapiro
Samantha Crane

Read Avukah Online:

 Volume I (Spring 2018)       

Volume II (Spring 2019) 

Avukah Podcast

After receiving an overwhelming number of submissions on topics related to the Holocaust for Avukah’s Volume II publication, the editorial board saw it fit to devote a podcast series to the importance of Holocaust education and remembrance. Our podcast team interviewed eight exceptional undergraduate and graduate students on campus with a unique understanding of the importance of making sure that the Holocaust is not relegated to a footnote in history. Their testimonies are informed by their unique life experiences, travels, families, and personal connections to the Holocaust. With each episode, we hope that listeners learn more about this topic, take action to ensure that the Holocaust is never forgotten, and are moved to combat modern-day hatred and bigotry.

To listen, click here.